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Modified Off-the-Shelf Sensor Processing

About Us

Hybrid DSP is a Netherlands based specialist in rugged VPX Modified-COTS FPGA-based processing and data acquisition boards for demanding defence, aerospace, and high-end industrial programs.


What We Do

As domain specialist, we assist our clients in the specification, design, production, integration, technical support and long term product management of high-end custom VPX based FPGA boards.

Multi-way Partnership

We discretely support our clients and our clients' customers, suppliers and partners, acting transparently as consultants at all stages from pre-sales to long term end of life logistics.

Proven Design

Characterized designs backed with comprehensive understanding of how an M-COTS product will behave within a given system and environment.

Program Optimized

The ads may look exciting but be honest you don't really want that new COTS product. COTS is a lesson in compromise. It's taking someone else's square peg and trying to use it anyway. M-COTS optimized is like COTS with an infinite list of build options.

Security of Supply

Fully European based design, manufacture and support including PCB, assembly and heatframe production. Our VITA 46.11 IPMI implementation is in-house and source available. Escrow, ease of component sourcing and transfer of production is integral.

Reduce Life-cycle TCO

Faster and smaller is what grabs headlines, but successful real world programs prioritize long term availability, predictability, MTBF, MTTR and total cost of ownership.

Accelerate Development

From day one, we will perform feasibility studies and de-risking exercises; provide models and simulations. We'll look at how our clients' engineers can begin parallel development using existing products.


Featured Capabilities

High-end FPGA's provide a unique flexibility and power however this is also what makes their specification and integration so complex. Do it right and it becomes more than just an efficient processor, it serves as the glue logic that enables disparate components and legacy interfaces to interoperate as required.

Focussed on 3U and 6U VPX and SOSA

Hybrid DSP Systems was started with an unusual aim: to do less! We keep our technical focus on mid-range rugged VPX/SOSA Xilinx FPGA boards. Our business focus is serving the needs of a small number of leading system integrators in the defence, aerospace and high-end industrial markets. Both the technical and business aspects are niche and complex, comprising hundreds of seemingly disparate variables that ultimately influence each other. Assisting our clients in this task is what we do.

M-COTS - Not a new board development, more of a new low-risk build option

Hybrid DSP sets out to address the challenges encountered when implementing high end embedded systems. We provide a technology platform backed by end to end life-cycle support that strikes an optimal balance between fully custom and COTS. The proven core design of the V3U01P Series is based on a mid-range Xilinx UltraScale / UltraScale+ package with up to 8GB DDR4. There are four versions of the base 3U VPX design differing from each other in terms of the number of I/O’s routed to the front or rear. Additional layers incorporated in the PCB stack-up enable monolithic ADC/DAC designs and other custom interfaces. M-COTS boards already produced include the V3UFMC01P 3U FMC carrier, V3UADC01P 3U monolithic ADC and V6UFMC01P 6U Dual FMC carrier.

Careers and Collaboration

Partners, customers, colleagues, consultants, what is important is working seriously and efficiently. In the end there is work to be done and we remain focussed on the effectiveness that respects the interests of all stakeholders in the long term.

Design, integration and support of complex sensor processing systems is an expensive high-risk multi-variable balancing act

Purchasing wants COTS that never goes EOL, finance want savings, management want on-time delivery, engineers want SWaP and backward compatibility, scientists want capability to support new algorithms, customers want ease of porting and to get started before delivery. Hybrid DSP understands the power of FPGAs in these scenarios and the need to always offer FPGA boards in combination with clear options for rapid customization, development platforms, long term availability, local technical support, security of supply, source code availability, white labeling, production under license, and technology transfer.

Network of Excellence

The variety of capabilities, skills and expertise required across the lifecycle of high end programs is staggering. In one phase the technical challenge may be optics, then signal integrity, then toolchains, then transceiver incompatibility. The cyclical nature of the challenges results in a need to focus on having a broad understanding of how variables impact each other and having a proven means to access specialists as and when required. In collaboration with Mercury Systems, Nicholas Kopp and Ingmar van Klink started Hybrid DSP Systems with the goal of providing a scalable and efficient means of supporting the product management of our customers' custom VPX board level products.

Clean M-COTS optimized designs

Hybrid DSP optimizes for mid-volume programs by providing a customized product that addresses cost effectiveness, lead-time, long term availability, technical support, and single source concerns.



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Integrating high value, complex electronics is tough. Something will go wrong or be more time consuming than planned, that's a given. The question is how it is handled. At some point the most efficient way forward is going to involve technical teams getting together. Hybrid DSP Systems is located in Leiden in the Netherlands, less than 30 minutes from Amsterdam Schiphol Airport by train or car.

Careers and consulting Opportunities

Hardware Design Engineer to be involved in all aspects of the design and life-cycle of high-end rugged electronics.

Manufacturing Engineer to improve and implement test systems, processes, tools, supplier relationships, support procedures and generally solve problems.

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