Rugged M-COTS Sensor Processing Solutions

We work seamlessly with tier-1 and -2 suppliers to help you win and fulfil challenging contracts

Hybrid DSP Systems BV

Netherlands based specialists in Modified-COTS FPGA-based processing and data acquisition boards for demanding defence, aerospace, high-end industrial and scientific programs.

Bespoke Service

The focus by prime defence contractors on fewer but more broadly capable suppliers, provides both pressure and opportunities for tier-1 and tier-2 companies. Sales must be able to effectively field questions ranging from switches to RF modules and from chassis design to high-speed analogue I/O. While SBCs and switches are typically COTS products, backplanes, riser-I/O cards and FPGA processing boards are mostly custom. Although rugged COTS FPGA boards are available, once a program goes to production, a more specific and optimized FPGA board is normally required. Being able to efficiently and effectively offer such custom solutions is often key to winning contracts and delivering on time and within budget.

  • We work transparently alongside your teams as domain experts.
  • We provide relevant technical and business content for the proposal.
  • We maintain a proven range of extensively tested rugged FPGA boards for rapid, low-risk customization.
  • We are experienced in the design, production, test and delivery of VPX, FMC and other rugged form factor FPGA boards.
  • We work with an efficient, flexible supplier network completely based in the Netherlands.
  • We collaborate closely with your system integration and application engineers.
  • We can permit products to be produced by 3rd parties under license.
  • We ensure that IP is protected and held in escrow for clients.
  • We offer Product Lifecycle Management and monitoring of component supply issues as standard.


  • Kanaalpark 157, 2321JW Leiden, The Netherlands
  • +31 15 870 0817 / +31 6 183 53961